Our classroom rules are:
1.       Do not talk when someone else is talking.
2.     Do not interfere with another child’s learning.
3.     Do not bring harm physically or emotionally to others.
4.     Follows instructions/directions given by adults.   
In our classroom we have a pocket chart with 4 color cards for each student. When a child breaks a rule he/she must “pull a card” which reveals the next color in the stack. The cards are in this order: green, yellow, orange, and red. The children begin every day on green. The explanation of colors is as follows:
1.       Green: Awesome! You’re making great choices.
2.     Verbal Warning: Reminder to remember proper behavior.
3.     Yellow: Warning-remember proper behavior-Lose 1 mustang dollar (school pretend money)
4.     Orange: Loss of 1 recess, spent in the skills room so that the student can think about making good choices. (This is the best place for the student to spend this time because the teacher is working or on duty during recess and cannot supervise the student in the classroom during this time.) Note sent home to parents.
5.     Red: Referral to the principal, who will visit with the child and call the parents.
Thank you for supporting proper behavior at school. Good behavior benefits all as it helps to provide a positive learning environment for everyone. Behavior management occurs when students know that parents and teachers are working together to promote learning. Please discuss this with your first grader.