Sunday, September 15, 2013

Theater Art Specialist

This past week I had the opportunity to go with the students to see Mr Seely, our theater art specialist. The kids got to go the week I missed a couple of days. I can see why they love to go and see him.

He started off with a song that included actions and repetition that sped up the more they sang it, we have some pretty good singers in our class! I'd share the song, but honestly I wouldn't do it any justice. Mr Seely has a talent for what he does. 

He played a pirate game with the kids that help the kids to develop number sense. I was IMPRESSED. We only get to see him once every two weeks, but they remembered what all of the signals were and what number they needed to be. Ask your child about it, I'm sure they would be happy to share.

He also got out some AMAZING puppets for the kids to use. He talked about classifying them and proceeded to have the kids classify (sort) them based on characteristics of their animal. Ask your child about a duck-billed platypus or why a whale or dolphin is a mammal and not a fish.

Here are is a picture to enjoy.