Homework Policy

There usually will be homework four nights of the week  (Monday through Thursday), occasionally there will be an assignment on Friday. There are two pages of math homework that will be expected to be completed, checked by you, and turned in by your child the next morning. Each day I will check to see if they have handed it in (completed) and at the end of each week they will be given a homework grade based on the number of homework sheets turned in on time. If they are handed in late, they will only get half credit for that assignment. Each page of math homework will be worth 5 points, so if it is handed in late it will only be worth 2 1/2 points. The only exception will be for students who are absent, if they turn in the work they had when they left, it will be given full credit, and for each day they are absent they are given one day to complete those pages and get them turned in, after that they will be counted as late.

Each Friday I will send home a packet of worksheets to help your child practice their spelling words at home. These will be due the following Friday however, if your child finishes the packet earlier in the week they are more than welcome to hand it in early. Each packet will be worth 20 points, and will be counted late on Monday after which it is due for half credit. After Monday, I will not accept any Spelling Packets for credit.

Home Reading
Each month a reading calendar will be sent home with your child in their home pocket folder. Please store their calendar in their folder. Each child is expected to read for 20 minutes a night, 5 nights a week for a total of 400 minutes a month. The calendars will be due at the end of each month and are worth 200 points (or 1/2 a point per minute). Each month I will specify a date when the calendar will be removed from their home pocket, the new calendar will always be added as close to the beginning of the month as possible. Late calendars will only be accepted until one week after the due date for half credit (1/4 point per minute).