Saxon Math

During the year your child will participate in a wide variety of mathematics activities using the SAXON Math 1 program. Your child will learn through hands-on experiences, discussions, explorations, and oral/written practice.

While each day's activities will be varied, each lesson will have a standard four-part format.

1. The Meeting is a time when we practice everyday skills. The children will learn about the calendar, the daily number pattern, weather, attendance graph, time and money. They will also use mental computation to solve problems.

2. Fact Practice helps the children master number facts by practicing fact strategies using fact cards, games and activities, Learning Wrap-Ups, and fact sheets. Your child will also practice the number facts at home using fact sheets.

3. New Concepts are presented in each lesson through discussion and hands-on experiences that allow your child to be actively involved in learning.

4. Written Practice reinforces new concepts from the lesson, as well as from previous lessons. The children are guided in class as they complete and correct Side A of a practice sheet. Your child will compete Side B as homework. Please assist your child by reading the problems on Side B, if necessary. Allow your child to arrive at the answers independently. Check your child's work and help your child correct mistakes. If you help your child with a problem, please circle the problem number to let me know that this is a difficult question. It is important that your child return the homework the next day.

Assessments, both written and oral, include skills your child has been practicing throughout the year and will help me determine what additional review is necessary. The written assessments normally take place on Fridays. I will share with you my observations about your child's progress.

Please feel free to contact me at the school (586-2860) or by email