Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

We have learned a lot about plants and the moon this past week. Our plants are growing fast. I wouldn't be surprised if they start to flower soon. I think I see flower buds growing already!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. We will be having a class party. I will send home a note with each child's name on it for your child to write names on Valentine's Cards if you choose to send them. Do not send them until February 14th!

Today is a fundraiser at Maggie Moo's. A note will be coming home. The proceeds will go towards our awesome choir.

Also this week is our Computers for Education fundraiser. Your child will be bringing home a packet today. Please fill out as many addresses as you can. The PTA earns money for each address, not magazine sold.

Please read the Click-It Club information that came home last week. There are a bunch of fun activities and prizes that your child can earn.